It's Buttercup time!

It's Buttercup time!

Posted by Krissy Brooks on 14 June 2021

Join us for a 'Virtual' Buttercup Day 24 June 2021

The buttercup has been a symbol of hope and recovery for nearly 100 years at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, North London. After such a challenging year, we hope that people will find that same encouragement in the simple, yet bright image of a very common flower that has come to represent the RNOH.


In the 1930’s young children, undergoing treatment at the hospital could be seen picking large yellow bunches of the flowers, benefitting from the sunshine and fresh air, brightening the wards they took them back onto. Every year the RNOH Charity hosts a Buttercup Day, both to raise awareness and raise crucial funds for the pioneering work that takes place at the RNOH. 


The RNOH Charity strengthens and supports the people, research and infrastructure that make the RNOH one of the world’s best orthopaedic hospitals. Thanks to the charity’s generous donors, the RNOH Charity has met the needs of the hospital where NHS funding has its limits; including funding the expansion of the Spinal Cord Injury Centre, a state-of-the-art Spect-CT scanner, the hospital’s volunteer and buggy service and key research projects. 

Ensuring we continue to provide world leading support is a key priority.

This year we are inviting our supporters, former patients and RNOH staff to join us digitally for this year's Buttercup Day on 24 June. 

This Buttercup Day, we will be celebrating the emblem of the Buttercup alongside the many stories of recovery, support and pioneering breakthroughs that happen at the RNOH every day.  We will be sharing online and across our social media platforms, the powerful legacy the RNOH has in many people’s lives. We would love you to join and support us in what ever way you can. 

A few ideas below!


The RNOH Charity Buttercup Strava Challenge - can you walk/run/cycle dressed in yellow? Participants choose the number of miles they’d like to complete and then ask friends and family to sponsor them. 


Buttercup Collection - purchase one of the RNOH Charity’s unique porcelain buttercups. Or, if you would rather order one over the phone, please call 020 8909 5362. 


Make a donation
Visit our dedicated JUST GIVING campaign page

Funds raised by this year’s Buttercup Day will be allocated to the most pressing needs at the hospital in order to give patients the best treatment possible. 

Thank you for your support and we look forward to seeing your Buttercup Day activities on social media.

Do tag us in whatever you get up to #RNOHButtercupDay