Projects funded by the RNOH Charity

Projects funded by the RNOH Charity

Thanks to our generous donors, the RNOH Charity has funded a range of projects which were not affordable within the limits of NHS funding. These include:

The Stanmore Building
The RNOH Charity has contributed over £3 million towards facilities in the new Stanmore Building. We have funded enhancements including:

  • Two new therapy gyms to assist our patients’ rehabilitation
  • An interactive children’s activity centre
  • Enhancements and equipment for every single bed space in both the Children and Young People’s Ward and Adult Acute Wards
  • An outdoor garden and play area for children undergoing treatment
  • Pepper, an interactive robot designed to improve the experience of our young patients
  • A range of enriching artwork to provide an uplifting experience for our patients
  • The infrastructure for a new private patient ward, which will generate vital funds for the RNOH and help sustain the long-term future of our hospital

Spinal Cord Injury Centre
Thanks to a grant of over £520,000 from the RNOH Charity, the RNOH's Spinal Cord Injury Centre (SCIC) has been able to construct an extra six patient bed spaces and purchase a range of specialist furnishings and equipment for the expanded Centre.

The expansion of the SCIC means the RNOH can offer its world-class service to many more patients per year than was previously possible. The expansion will also enable the centre to admit patients much more quickly. People previously had to wait an average of 56 days before they could be transferred from their referring hospital to the SCIC; these waiting times will be reduced by as much as 30% as a result of the expansion.

The Volunteer Service
Since its inception in 2015 the Volunteer Service has dramatically improved the quality and efficiency of the hospital's service. The successful growth of the volunteers has allowed additional services to be introduced, such as the patient buggy service, the patient shopping trolley and the patient meal time buddies.

Peripheral Nerve Injury Unit
In partnership with the hospital's PNI Unit, the RNOH Charity funded an innovative project to help fight phantom limb pain, a condition that affects over 50% of amputees.

Covid 19 Appeal fund update
Please visit our Covid 19 Appeal page for an update on this particular fundraising campaign.