The RNOH Charity unveils its new brand!

The RNOH Charity unveils its new brand!

Posted by Sam Bowie on 29 March 2019

The RNOH Charity has unveiled a new brand, which will become central to all our charitable and fundraising activities.

The Charity - which just last week announced HRH Princess Eugenie as its Patron - makes a significant difference to the hospital’s patients and their families by funding services and creating an uplifting environment that are beyond the scope of the hospital’s NHS funding.

Created by London design studio Here Design, the new branding reflects the RNOH Charity’s role as the backbone of the RNOH. The core icon is a graphic representation of the spine, made up of flexible shapes that will be used for a wide range of applications, from digital apps to RNOH Charity merchandise.

The modern, simple identity steps away from more traditional design codes, incorporating shapes and patterns that focus on support and physical connections and a bright, uplifting colour palette which brings warmth and character to the brand.

“Hospitals can be an overwhelming place and small design touches can have a large impact on a patient’s stay,” says Caz Hildebrand, Creative Partner, Here Design. “It can make the experience more human and reassure people in times of need, whether that’s through cheerful, positive assets, the uplifting copy in an ad campaign, or simply offering a cosy pair of socks and clear, easy-to-read information about the hospital when they arrive.”

Recent RNOH Charity initiatives have included: the funding of all the high-quality equipment for every single ward in the hospital’s magnificent new Stanmore Building; the installation of two rehabilitation gyms, social spaces for teenagers and an interactive children’s activity centre; initiating an arts committee; and funding a range of stunning artwork for the Stanmore Building. The Charity has also recently agreed to fund state-of-the-art scanning equipment to ensure the RNOH remains a leader in the early diagnosis of cancer.

Rosie Stolarski, CEO of the RNOH Charity, said: “The RNOH Charity strengthens and supports the people, research and infrastructure that make the RNOH one of the world’s best orthopaedic hospitals. We are really excited to now have a bold, colourful identity that connects these audiences and is so full of personality and positivity.”