Sue's Scenic Scramble!

Sue's Scenic Scramble!

Posted by Rebekah Ahmed on 27 September 2016

In July 2006, life changed in a split second for Sue’s son after a freak accident left Chris paralysed from the chest down. On the tenth anniversary of his accident Sue took on an incredible challenge which saw her standing on the top of a mountain! Sue’s raised over £3000 for the RNOH Charity which we think is an amazing achievement! Sue tells us what it was like:

On 29 July 2016 it will be the 10th anniversary of my son Chris's accident that was to change his life as he knew it. The RNOH became my second home during the months that Chris was a patient there. Despite the sadness and the enormity of it all I remember with fondness the friendship and kindness that was shown to us all by staff and other patients who like Chris were facing challenging futures. So to thank the RNOH I decided that I would do something special to show my gratitude for showing Chris ways in which to rebuild his life. I decided that I would climb a mountain as Chris has, and continues to face far greater challenges without giving up. We settled on the Lake District and my husband David, a keen mountain climber, devised the route to challenge and push me. Sue’s Scenic Scramble was born!

On Monday June 6 at 6.30 am we started our climb. I quickly realised how much of challenge this was going to be but took each step with the same determination that Chris displays every day. It was a slow climb to the top of Fleetwith Pike and making our way down for some much needed refreshment was much easier! Having to start climbing again was surprisingly difficult, especially as the heat had intensified by the time we reached the highest point on the route, the top of Dale Head. This was truly something special for me and a moment that I will not forget. Then came several miles of making our way downhill, which proved to be far more painful than I had thought! At 3pm we still had 11 more miles to go but it was then that I knew there was no way I was not going to finish what I had started.

Around 5pm the sound of Tornado aircraft on their practice flights gave way to that of a thunder storm that opened the heaven, soaking us to the bone within minutes. The wet look is not good one for me, and as a bonus my boot got sucked into the mire and I fell over! By this point however I was past caring and carried on sporting my mud-covered shorts and t-shirt!

By 7.30 pm the sun was back out, we were gently steaming dry and the scenery was stunning. Complete strangers offered us tea (and beer that David declined!) and after hearing my story were generous enough to give me a donation. In another hour we had finished the challenge, walking a total of 22.88 miles, and 54,097 steps that included one vertical mile of ascent. 

I enjoyed every moment of the day despite all of the challenges it presented, it was truly a remarkable experience with a very remarkable person and hospital in the forefront of my mind. Thanks go to my husband David for enabling me to make a difference just as the RNOH does for all those who enter its doors. 

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