Harry Langley lends support to the RNOH Charity crowdfunding campaign to expand the Spinal Cord Injury Centre!

Harry Langley lends support to the RNOH Charity crowdfunding campaign to expand the Spinal Cord Injury Centre!

Posted by Rebekah Ahmed on 01 September 2016

In March 2015 19-year-old Harry Langley was playing rugby at Sussex University where he was unfortunate enough to obtain a spinal cord injury. He endured major surgery and recovered at the RNOH, undergoing a lengthy rehabilitation programme which has resulted in Harry being able to get back behind the wheel, find a new passion in wheelchair rugby. To support patients like Harry, please pledge now to our crowdfunding campaign. We need to raise £100,000 to extend our care to more patients. In Harry's words:

"For one of the hardest times of my life, Stanmore proved to be significantly helpful. Moving on from a particularly busy St Georges Hospital to more of a calm atmosphere where the unit was very personable and everybody knows each other was definitely a pleasant change. Immediately I was set up with a great rehab programme which was to be carried out on weekdays. I spent 17 weeks improving myself with the help of fantastic physiotherapists and occupational therapists- who helped not only with physical rehabilitation but were also there as mentors for me. They treated me like a friend as well as a patient.

There are some great facilities at Stanmore, which I cannot complain about. I would however say that they are perhaps slightly dated and it would be amazing if it was bigger to be able to rehabilitate more people at once. I know personally that there can be quite a lengthy waiting list for the RNOH but the sooner you can get in, the better.

Since leaving the RNOH in August 2015, I feel I have gone on to accomplish a few things. I am back behind the wheel driving, play wheelchair rugby at least 3 times  a week, and have managed to go abroad a couple of times. If you're interested and want to know a bit more about my story, please follow the link to my blog: www.haztobe.com."

Harry's girlfriend Poppy Chamberlain and their friend Emily Dick took on The Colour Run 5K in Wembley Park in June 2015, raising over £2000 for the RNOH! Poppy commented, "Harry has shown such bravery and strength over the last couple of months so we wanted to show our pride and do our little bit! Please help us to raise as much money not only for this amazing charity but to encourage the incredible Harry."

Help us support more people with spinal cord injuries so that they can live a full life by pledging to our crowdfunding campaign now. If you would like any more information about taking on your own fundraising challenge, please get in touch with the Fundraising and Development team on 020 8909 5362, or email us at fundraising@rnoh.nhs.uk.