Skeletal Cancer Trust joins RNOH Charity

Skeletal Cancer Trust joins RNOH Charity

Posted by June Heath on 01 July 2024

We are delighted to announce that RNOH Charity has been asked to continue the fantastic work of the sarcoma specialist organisation, Skeletal Cancer Trust (SCT).

Based at RNOH, SCT started its pivotal work in the early 1990s. Originally set up to fund hair-pieces for young patients undergoing chemotherapy, whose options at that time were limited, the organisation grew over the next three decades into a force for good in the advancement of bone cancer research, raising awareness and providing the best possible support at each stage of treatment for patients and their families. Now, this important work will continue under the care of RNOH Charity.

With their complementary ambitions, the Charity seems the perfect place to build on SCT’s achievements. To make the plans a success, existing SCT funds have been transferred to the keeping of RNOH Charity and used to further SCT’s valuable drive to help sarcoma-related projects.

Professor John Skinner is an RNOH Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and Director of the hospital’s Research and Innovation Centre. As a former SCT Trustee, Professor Skinner is looking forward to moving its essential services under the auspices of RNOH Charity, where he has taken up a position as a Charity Trustee.

Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, Stephen Cannon MBE, is the former Chair of SCT. Commenting on the move, Mr Cannon said: “Time stands still for no one and the Board of SCT felt that in order to continue our work, particularly in the very expensive area of oncological research, we would be better served by joining forces with the larger and successful RNOH Charity.

“As I have now been retired for nearly 10 years, we all felt that Professor Skinner would be ideally placed to help continue our work within the new structure. It's my fervent wish that our traditional supporters will continue their endeavours with RNOH Charity."