Becky Farrell

Impossible Possible Week Challenge

This year our summer fundraising activities have an exciting new theme: join our Impossible Possible Week Challenge from Monday 26 June to Sunday 2 July. We’d love you to show your support!

RNOH has been doing the impossible for more than 100 years, rebuilding people’s lives when they face complex musculoskeletal conditions or injuries – from bone cancers, to spinal cord injuries and scoliosis, a curvature of the spine. The RNOH Charity’s support is vital in strengthening RNOH’s work leading the way in surgery, rehabilitation and innovative research.  RNOH consultants, nurses and therapists are helping people rebuild their lives, both physically and mentally, every single day.

The Impossible Possible Challenge

Inspired by people who have life-changing conditions and RNOH staff who support them, we’re encouraging you to take on your own Impossible Challenge to raise funds for the RNOH Charity.

Everyone has their own idea of what’s impossible, so why not turn it into your own personal challenge and make it possible?  

●     You may be a dreadful cook, but want to learn to bake your first cake.

●     Perhaps you aren’t able to run to the end of the road, but want to take on your first half marathon.

●     Maybe you drink far too much coffee, so want to see if you can give up for a week.

●     If you hate getting dirty, you could face your fear and sign up for a muddy obstacle race.

Need inspiration? Read Becky’s story

If you’re looking for inspiration for your Impossible Possible Challenge, why not read Becky’s story?

Becky Farrell, a 20-year old music student, was diagnosed with a rare bone tumour as a teenager and she will be running this year’s Bath Two Tunnels Half Marathon on 4 June to show that anything is possible.

After a lump on Becky’s right shin turned out to be a bone tumour, she had major surgery at RNOH Stanmore to have the tumour removed and a section of her leg bone was reconstructed with a bone graft and metal implants. She says:

“At 16 years old when I just wanted to be out enjoying life with my friends, instead, I was in a lot of pain with reduced mobility which at some points meant I couldn’t even walk to the bottom of my street without a walking stick. Although the recovery was not easy, the specialist knowledge, facilities, and care that RNOH provided me made my time as an inpatient as comfortable as possible and allowed me to have my life back.”

Unfortunately, late last year Becky was diagnosed with a second tumour in her leg and will undergo more surgery this summer once she has graduated from university. She says:

“This will put me back to square one with all my mobility progress. With no guarantee of how well I will recover or how long it will take, I am determined to take the most of my mobility whilst I can. I’m taking on this Impossible Possible Challenge to say thank you to RNOH, and especially the rehabilitation team, for all its support. Plus I want to do something positive for the charity that has supported me through this journey. ”

Get involved now

Everyone is different, so we want to encourage you to make your own impossible challenge possible!

It’s easy to get involved, all we ask is that you:

1. Register your Impossible Possible Challenge today. Tell us what you plan to do and when you plan to do it.

Register now

2. Set up your online giving page (clicking on the 'Start fundraising tab) and raise as much money as you can.

Please let us know if you need help with this and we can also provide paper sponsorship forms if you prefer (contact

3. Spread the word!   Telling your family, friends and colleagues and posting on social media with short videos or updates can encourage more donations.  Don’t forget to tag RNOH Charity on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, plus the hospital on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so we can share these too!

4. Celebrate! When you've completed your challenge, don’t forget to tell us how you got on so we can celebrate with you.

If you’re not able to take part between 26 June and 2 July, don’t worry – simply decide on your challenge now and we’ll support you every step of the way.

Your support makes a difference

By taking part in this week of fundraising, you’ll be making a life-changing difference to people, like Becky, who are treated at RNOH.

The money you raise for the RNOH Charity will ensure we can continue to support the hospital in funding overall improvements to the patient experience and clinical research, as well as specific items such as state-of-the art imaging equipment, transforming the spinal cord injury centre’s day room and further pioneering musculoskeletal research and ground-breaking developments.

Remember, RNOH achieves the impossible every day – so why not join us in supporting the hospital, by registering your Impossible Possible Challenge today!