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RNOH has been doing the impossible for over 100 years by rebuilding people’s lives when they face complex orthopaedic conditions or injury.

They’re doing things that no other hospital can. That’s what makes this hospital extraordinary. But being extraordinary needs extra investment.

We need to raise more than £1 million this year to keep funding ground-breaking research, equipment and improvements.

Impossible Possible Week 2023 has now passed, but you can still support us by:

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Caitlin's story

Caitlin was just seven years old when her whole world was turned upside down. That’s when she found out that the cause of the pain in her legs was bone cancer.

It felt like the end of the world for Caitlin when she was first told she needed a major operation and would need to learn to walk again. Suddenly, it seemed like there were so many things she would never be able to do. Even just growing up seemed impossible. 

It was devastating news. But brave little Caitlin didn’t give up. She came to the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital (RNOH) for an amazing, life-saving procedure. Not only did  RNOH surgeons remove a huge tumour from her leg, they also had to take out her whole thigh bone.

They then did something really extraordinary. They replaced the bone with a titanium prosthesis, which has a tiny motor in it, so it literally ‘grows’ as Caitlin grows. This amazing innovation is painless, non-invasive and completely life-changing. It’s helped Caitlin grow up without needing more and more painful operations on her leg over the years.

Four years later, Caitlin was given the heart-wrenching news that she had another bone tumour, this time in her arm. Thankfully, RNOH was there for her again and designed her another prosthesis. Despite the huge tumours, the incredible team at RNOH avoided amputations, saving her leg and arm and giving Caitlin as near to normal a life as possible. 

Now a happy, healthy 20-year-old, Caitlin says: “They literally rebuild people’s lives. I wouldn’t be here living the life I am without them.”

Caitlin reading a birthday card

Caitlin’s story is amazing. What’s more, it’s just one example of the extraordinary treatment and care RNOH provides all the time. But to do that takes major investment. And that's where you can help. 

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