What next?

The RNOH Charity is currently fundraising for a range of projects that will transform the experience of RNOH patients:

EOS Scanner

With your help, a new EOS scanner could help patients with acute musculoskeletal conditions by:

  • Delivering a much lower radiation dose: 70% lower than a standard X-ray, and 95% lower than a CT scan. 
  • Permitting super-fast scan times: it takes EOS just 20 seconds to capture full-body images.
  • Creating high quality images for more precise pre-surgical planning and post-surgical assessment.

The RNOH Charity is aiming to raise £575,000 to fund the EOS scanner. Visit our Appeal page.

Volunteer Service

Since its inception in 2015 the Volunteer Service has dramatically improved the quality and efficiency of the hospital's service. The successful growth of the volunteers has allowed additional services to be introduced, such as the patient buggy service, the patient shopping trolley and the patient meal time buddies.

The Volunteer Service relies entirely on charitable support. The RNOH Charity is looking to raise £150,000 to enable us to continue funding the Volunteer Service.

The Independent Living Unit

The Independent Living Unit will play an integral role in the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a life-changing injury such as spinal cord damage. It will enable our medical staff to replicate all potential ‘home situations’ within the relative safety of the hospital grounds. Patients will be able to practise and train in self-care and domestic tasks, such as washing, dressing, eating, drinking, and housekeeping. This will significantly improve their quality of life, and their ability to live independently, after they are discharged and return home.

To donate towards any of the above-mentioned projects, please visit our donation page

If you would like further information about any of the above-mentioned projects, please do contact us.