Our key fundraising projects

The aim of the RNOH’s Redevelopment Appeal is to raise funds, through philanthropic support, for the purchase of essential facilities and equipment which are not affordable within the limits of standard NHS funding. Please read on for information about the key projects within the Appeal.

The new Children and Young People’s Ward

The Children and Young People's Ward Reception

The RNOH is a national centre of excellence for the treatment of children and adolescents with orthopaedic conditions. Surgery is performed to correct congenital limb abnormalities, treat bone cancer, and correct spinal deformities. Each year over 8,000 children and young people are treated at the RNOH.

The Children and Young People's Ward Patient Room

Our existing young people’s wards – the Coxen Ward and Adolescent Unit - are due to be replaced as part of the redevelopment of the RNOH’s Stanmore site. Our goal is to equip the new Children and Young People's Ward with facilities and equipment which befit the hospital’s world-class reputation, and which enhance our young patients’ comfort and improve the quality of their care. As the funding we have so far secured will only pay for a basic NHS ward, we can only do this with philanthropic support.


The new Adult Acute Wards

As part of the redevelopment of the RNOH, two new Adult Acute Wards will be built, which will treat patients suffering from a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions, including acute hip and knee problems, spinal deformity, and sarcoma, a rare form of cancer requiring highly specialised treatment.

Thanks to the very generous support of the London Irish Group, we have secured funding for one of these two wards. We are now seeking funding for a range of specialist equipment for the second. 


The new Private Patient Ward

PPU bedroom image

By treating private patients at the RNOH, we generate millions of pounds of income per year to support our NHS services. Every penny of the surplus from our private patient income is reinvested into the RNOH to support NHS staff, equipment and facilities.

A unique opportunity exists to construct a new Private Patient Ward on the top floor of the hospital's new £50 million inpatient ward block.

By creating a new Private Patient Ward, we estimate that we will be able to increase our private patient income to approximately £13 million per year. At a time when the RNOH is under serious financial pressure, this additional income will sustain the hospital and its services for patients long into the future.

We are looking to raise £5 million for the funding of the new Private Patient Ward. Significant donations will entitle donors to naming rights within the new ward.


To donate towards any of the above-mentioned projects, please visit our donation page


Our other major fundraising projects  

The expansion of the Spinal Cord Injury Centre

SCIC expansion

Thanks to a grant of over £520,000 from The RNOH Charity, the RNOH's Spinal Cord Injury Centre (SCIC) has been able to construct an extra six patient bed spaces, and purchase a range of specialist furnishings and equipment for the expanded Centre.

The expansion of the SCIC means the RNOH can offer its world-class service to many more patients per year than was previously possible. The expansion will also enable the centre to admit patients much more quickly. People previously had to wait an average of 56 days before they could be transferred from their referring hospital to the SCIC; these waiting times will be reduced by as much as 30% as a result of the expansion.

Family accommodation

Princess Eugenie House

When it was launched in April 2012, one of the major fundraising projects within the Redevelopment Appeal was the construction of a new accommodation unit for the families of children being treated at the RNOH.

In December 2013 The Sick Children's Trust made an extremely generous pledge of £1.6 million towards the funding of this unit. This represents a huge step forward for the Redevelopment Appeal, and for the RNOH.

The Independent Living Unit

The Graham Hill Unit

The new family accommodation facility will be housed in a complex called Princess Eugenie House, which will also contain the hospital’s new Independent Living Unit. 

The Independent Living Unit will play an integral role in the rehabilitation of patients who have suffered a life-changing injury such as spinal cord damage. It will enable our medical staff to replicate all potential ‘home situations’ within the relative safety of the hospital grounds. Patients will be able to practise and train in self-care and domestic tasks, such as washing, dressing, eating, drinking, and housekeeping. This will significantly improve their quality of life, and their ability to live independently, after they are discharged and return home.


The RNOH Charity is also fundraising for a range of smaller projects and items, details of which can be found here.

If you would like further information about any of the above-mentioned projects, please do contact us.