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Introducing Chloe Kitto, the RNOH's new Staff Wellbeing Lead

Introducing Chloe Kitto, the RNOH's new Staff Wellbeing Lead

Posted by Sam Bowie on 30 March 2021

The RNOH Charity is delighted to have funded a new post at the RNOH, via a grant from NHS Charities Together. Chloe Kitto (pictured above) is the hospital’s new Staff Wellbeing Lead.

With the Covid crisis putting unprecedented pressure on all staff members, staff research across the RNOH showed that the hospital’s managers sometimes felt ill-equipped to support the mental health and emotional needs of their staff. To help address this, the RNOH Charity awarded £50,000 towards essential staff wellbeing projects.

Part of this grant allowed Chloe to start her new role in January 2021, which as well as addressing the practical and psychological support on offer for all RNOH staff, also included highlighting, through weekly interactive webinars, everyday ways to keep ourselves well – ways such as: introspection practice, nutrition and hydration, sleep, movement and exercise, spirituality, and story-telling. Chloe will also be available for 1:1 and team-based support.

Chloe said: “Over the next few months, we will inevitably experience a time of recovery. For many, this will be when the need for wellbeing input presents. And it will be part of my role to support this.”

Laura Bevan, Chief People Officer at the RNOH, said: “We are immensely grateful to the RNOH Charity for their support during the Covid crisis, and for helping to ensure our staff are able to access the appropriate support as and when they need it. Chloe’s role has already made a huge difference within a short space of time. We are deeply grateful for our partnership with the RNOH Charity.”