The RNOH is a world leader in orthopaedic care, setting the benchmark in the UK for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions, and helping patients that no other hospital can. The comprehensive, lifelong care we provide saves lives, restores independence, and gives childhood back to children. Many things make our hospital special:

The care we provide is truly first-class. As a tertiary referral centre, patients with the rarest and most complex conditions are sent to us from across the country, including from other renowned institutions such as Great Ormond Street Hospital. We also treat more war veterans with amputations than any other hospital. We restore function, repair damage and return independence to our patients.

We are leading the development of new treatments and cures. We employ over 2,000 staff and share our site with partners such as the UCL Institute for Musculoskeletal Science, creating in Stanmore the greatest concentration of orthopaedic expertise in the UK. We are continually innovating, with a long track record of breakthroughs such as the ‘bionic bone’, an implant which has revolutionised the treatment of bone cancer in children. Our “Getting it Right First Time” initiative is helping patients across the country receive better treatment whilst saving millions of pounds for the NHS by reducing avoidable complications in care across the NHS.

We provide lifelong care. The children we treat can stay with the same team of experts for as long as they need, and we care for them throughout their life into adulthood and old age. This continuity ensures the best possible outcomes, free from the disruption of having to be discharged from a children’s hospital, and provides a reassuring consistency of environment and the benefits of continuous treatment by people completely familiar with the unique nature of the patient’s condition.

What makes this truly amazing is that we achieve all this on extremely constrained budgets, and with many buildings that are barely fit for purpose. It can be hard to believe that until very recently RNOH patients sometimes had to be wheeled to surgery along uneven, uncovered paths – whatever the weather. We have been investing in our infrastructure and - with the help of you, our supporters - a number of improvements have been achieved. But even now we have some of the world’s best surgeons and scientists working from Portakabins that are decades old and were only ever intended to be temporary, and using medical equipment which is nearing the end of its intended life span.

We need your help to ensure that the RNOH remains an outstanding centre for orthopaedic care. A contribution to the RNOH Charity, no matter how small, can make a huge difference.

From pioneering breakthroughs to lifelong care, from children to war veterans – with your help, we will continue to do our invaluable orthopaedic work, rebuilding people’s lives.