Our fundraising projects

We are aiming to transform the experience of our patients! The funding of the essential items and projects listed below will make the RNOH a truly modern, innovative healthcare environment, and will bring huge improvements in the quality and efficiency of our service.

If you would like to fund one of these items or projects, or make a contribution towards its cost, please visit our donation page.

If you would like further information about any project or item in the list below, please do contact the Fundraising Office.

Item Price
Expansion of the Spinal Cord Injury Centre £400,000
Four-bedded bays - 6 needed £100,000
Patient rooms - 19 needed £25,000
Single patient bays - 24 needed £20,000
Resuscitation trolley with defibrillator £8,000
Portable hoist £5,000
Bedside entertainment systems £2,500
Examination couch £2,500
Bubble tube for children's ward £2,000
Blood pressure monitor - 50 needed £1,000
Fold-down beds for patients' family members £1,000
Toys £500
Computer games console £300
Specialist patient chairs £230
Computer game - 10 needed £25
Gel bottle warmer - 20 needed £5