SPECT- CT Scanner Appeal

The Charity’s immediate priority is to purchase a £670,000 SPECT-CT scanner for the RNOH.

A SPECT-CT scanner takes two different types of scan, and the images are then merged together. This fused scan provides very precise information about how different parts of a patient’s body are functioning, and can identify complex orthopaedic problems more accurately than other types of medical imaging. 

The scanner will bring a host of benefits for the RNOH and its patients, including:

·    Significantly reduced waiting times for patients - people will receive the treatment they need earlier than they did before

·     All treatment under one roof – there will be no need for patients to travel to other hospitals for scans

·     Patients will get their scan results faster, reducing anxiety for patients and their families

·     Faster assessment for patients needing urgent care

·      Increased opportunities for pioneering medical research at the RNOH

So far we have secured £420k towards the cost of the scanner. If you would like to make a donation, please  visit: https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/rnohcharityspect-ct