EOS scanner

With your help we can improve the treatment of RNOH patients with new state-of-the-art EOS technology. 

The EOS Scanner Appeal is aiming to raise £575,000 to purchase a new EOS scanner.

The scanner would bring huge benefits for the RNOH’s patients – especially children and young people. These benefits include:

Lower radiation doses

Many of the RNOH’s young patients require frequent scans to monitor the progression of a serious musculoskeletal condition (e.g. scoliosis). EOS can replace standard X-rays in these cases, and can thereby significantly reduce the risks associated with radiation exposure over a patient’s lifetime.

Faster, more comfortable scans

EOS scans are extremely quick: it normally takes about 20 seconds to capture full-body images. EOS’s unique design provides easy access for different body types, including patients with limited mobility. The speed of the scan, coupled with the fact that patients can stand up in the scanner, eliminates the claustrophobia many people experience when lying in a CT or MRI scanner.

Accurate measurements

One of the major benefits of EOS imaging is that it provides non-magnified, very high resolution images. This allows doctors to perform highly precise pre-surgical planning and post-surgical assessment for e.g. corrective spinal surgery and hip or knee replacement surgeries.

Please make a gift today to help us bring this amazing piece of equipment to the RNOH. By doing so, you will help us to keep the hospital at the forefront of orthopaedic medicine.

If you are interested in making a major contribution towards the project, please email our Fundraising Manager, Sam Bowie: sam.bowie@nhs.net

Here is a short video about EOS, and its benefits for orthopaedic patients.